Letter from the Chairman

Industry leaders from around Tasmania have come together to create a concept that will promote all Forest Industry careers and house this information and promotion in a facility based centrally in Launceston.

The facility is known as the Arbre Forest Industries Promotion and Training Hub. The Hubs primary function is to promote the careers within the industry, capture any interest, then offer a pre-employment training program to cater for that interest.

The Hub is overseen and managed by a Governing Board represented by Forico, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Timberlands Pacific, Norske Skog, Reliance Forest Fibre, Waratah Forestry Equipment Pty Ltd, Casegrande Lumber Pty Ltd and Technical Forest Services. The Hub is a not for profit organisation.

“We will create a membership base of like-minded employers within the industry that will be informed, on time, of any potential employee possibilities through a communications program involving introduction, progress and follow up, as well as up to date information and participation in training and employment programs as and when they appear. The bigger and wider we can create this network, the more successful the Hub will be.”

“The Hubs charter is to work diligently, and foster strong relationships with the education industry, government agencies, training providers, and community groups to promote the value and opportunity of Forestry careers.”

“Our belief that this project is much overdue, and very much Industry driven gives it the credibility necessary for your involvement as a member of the Arbre Hub. We look forward to your participation and valued feedback as someone committed to the Forest Industries within Tasmania.”

On behalf of our Governing Board.

Bryan Hayes, Chairman.

Arbre Forest Industries Training and Careers Hub.